What do angels look for in a business?

What do angels look for in a business

The Management team

This thing is the key focus for the angel investors. All the people involved in the business are of keen importance for an angel investor. An investor looks for the expertise, the skills and all the other factors of the individuals involved in the business which impact the growth of the business. They also check the business plan your business is based on.

The Business

Other than the management, the following mentioned are some of the key things which are of high concern for the angel investors for making the investment decision.

  • The products or services offered by your business must be challenging for society and the market. They must be solving the pain of people around the business.
  • Your business should be disruptive and must have a real and prominent position in the market.
  • Your product should be based on upgraded technology and it must be identified with your brand name. You can either use a patent or a copyright to protect your product.
  • You should be offering a completely unique product or service in the market which people were not familiar with before.
  • The way your business earns revenue, and the identity of the revenue streams also matter for the angel investors to make investment.
  • Your business must be based on a scalable business model been identified by the standards.
  • The market size and the market share of your company

Key considerations for Angel investing.

Is angel investing regulated?

Yes, angel investment has a regulatory framework which is for the protection of the entrepreneurs as well as for the benefits of the angel investors.

Before you receive any of the business plans or you start for the angel investments, you have to make sure that you are certified. It is done to ensure high net worth certification according to the terms defined under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).